The Honey Trap – EU-Latin America Trade Agreements – Versión INGLÉS

After four years of negotiations, the deal is on the table. In December, the European Parliament will vote on the ratification of a new Free Trade Agreement between the European Union, Colombia and Peru, and it will vote on a second deal, an Association Agreement between the EU and Central America. Parliament can only accept or reject the deals, it can’t amend the details. But free trade comes at a price, and that price, isn’t always dollars, euros and cents.

Europe has set out a new trade deal for Latin America, honey-coated and wrapped in a bow. But is it a honey trap? Do the leaders of Latin American really know who they’re getting involved with? And if they do know; do they care?

Critics of the agreements say a ‘Yes’ vote means the destruction of Latin America’s delicate natural resources. Vote ‘Yes’ they say, and Parliament is complicit in the exploitation of human labour, the destruction of land for cheap energy, and the erosion of fragile human rights. Parliament is being asked to gamble that more free trade, does not mean less quality of life.